High-End 2013 in München

Fujitsu Ten Eclipse

At first sight, placed in the corner of the living room, Fujitsu Ten’s Eclipse reminds one of a windmill without sails – shining beautifully, varnished in white or black. There, were would normally observe sails, sits a small driver.

Fujitsu Ten Eclipse

The philosophy behind this scene: one acoustic source, no switch. As such the signal does not need to be fragmented in order to painstakingly put together the sound waves in the room. Sceptics have claimed: “Such a thing cannot function!” With the Eclipse, Fujitsu Ten have proven the opposite.

The sound fills the room. Smooth relaxing tones soothe the ears, punctuated by a deep base. The Eclipse has a frequency spectrum of 30 – 40.000 Hz, without any distortion. Only when seriously deep levels of bass are played is the subwoofer required. The design of the subwoofer presents the perfect counterpart to the much more delicate operation of the Eclipse. The bulky Subwoofer is based on cubism: A simlpe cube, together with a chassis.

The Eclipse convinces the listener with a tone that simply flows out from the speaker and leaves it still in its wake – a sound based upon powerful base. When the Subwoofer is added to the mix, the listener is simply stunned; only then does it become clear, just how deep and powerful the Eclipse can play. This is the moment when one can really fell the deep baselines.